Outdoor Adventure

It was not by accident that Squaw Valley Academy’s founder chose the Sierra Nevada as the environment in which to start a school. Place can have as much an impact on a rigorous education as the classroom and teachers. For that reason, outdoor education has always been an integral part of the mission and the philosophy at Squaw Valley Academy. Each year, all students attend two five-day trips that are safe, yet challenging, adventures. Participation in Outdoor Education Week is required for all students at SVA because as it is a core component of our commitment to comprehensive education.

By participating in outdoor education, SVA students learn to respect themselves, their peers, and the natural world around them. Self-reliance and compassion are important steps to improving leadership skills, communication, and problem solving, and are central to our approach during Outdoor Education Week, and year-round. Students return from these experiences changed. They realize the power within themselves to overcome adversity, and when to ask for, as well as provide, help. In short, students come to know themselves on a deeper, more intrinsic level.

Past Outdoor Trips…

Colorado River

Pinnacles National Monument

Point Reyes Seashore

American River Rafting

San Francisco Adventure

Washington D.C., and Philadelphia