English Language Development

At Squaw Valley Academy, we understand that many international students come to us with a range of English language skills. The mission of the English Language Development (ELD) Department is to help every student learn English and be successful not only in ELD classes, but also in mainstream classes. We strive to carry out this mission through rigorous and appropriately leveled classes within the ELD Department. Diagnostic testing, given up arrival and again during finals, ensures that students are progressing and that they are placed in the appropriate ELD level.

ELD focuses on whole language development, meaning we teach all areas of English – grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking – concurrently and not in isolation. This better prepares students to enter into mainstream classes taught in English as well as for the demands of attending college in the United States. For students who need extra help, tutoring is available at an additional cost.

Classes offered (from beginning to advanced)*:

ELD I  – beginner to high beginner (2 hours Monday-Friday)

ELD II – high beginner to intermediate

ELD III – intermediate to early advanced/advanced

Literature for International Students I – beginner to early intermediate**

Literature for International Students II – intermediate to early advanced/advanced**

Social Studies for International Students – beginner to early intermediate**

TOEFL Prep – early advanced/advanced

*level designations are approximate

**may not be offered every year