Campus Life

Dining Services

You don’t usually think of a dining hall as an integral part of a high-quality educational experience, but at SVA we have done just that! It is here that students learn that there is a strong link between healthy eating and high-quality student performance. Natural, non-processed nutrition is an important part our community’s lifestyle. We have carried Squaw Valley Academy’s high-quality educational standards over into the high-quality standards of the food we serve. We know that teenagers often like foods that are usually not very healthful: pizza, hamburgers, french fries, etc. Instead of banishing these choices, we choose to make them using more healthy ingredients, such as Italian-style pizzas with fresh vegetables and lean meats, and hamburgers with local grass-fed Angus beef. All soups are made in-house, as are the beef and chicken stocks. All chicken is certified free range, and our beef is grass-fed Angus from two sources, one is a ranch just eighty miles from campus. Of course there are a few things we’ve banished, like high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and high-salt, factory-made soup bases

Just as the kitchen is often the center of family activities in people’s homes, the SVA dining hall is often the center of life for the SVA family. From the slow-roasted meats, to Jasmine rice, to the grilled chicken burritos, the students have come to expect high quality foods with outstanding taste. Fresh salad bars are available each day, and there are ample, year-round fresh fruits and snacks between meals. We also offer vegetarian options and can accommodate some special dietary needs.

Our goal is to provide nutritious meals that will encourage students to maintain a lifetime of healthy eating habits.


Several times throughout the year students enjoy a formal meal in our dining hall. Students are required to dress up and proper etiquette and conduct are expected.